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    I love this place! No matter how bad a day I am having I know I will feel better after a counseling session at Advanced Counseling Services. The counselors are professional and friendly, the offices are kid friendly and beautifully decorated, and the administrative assistant (Lina) is wonderful! Lina always helps me schedule a time that works best for me and never fails to light up the office with her sincere smile! If you or a loved one are looking for help in a difficult time or just need someone to listen then Advanced Counseling Services is for you!
    Peggi A
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    I TRULY can't say enough about the family atmosphere! From the moment you walk in the door you are greeted with warmth and compassion. Lina at the desk is a sweetheart and goes above and beyond. We were clients at other places, but NEVER have we felt like we were family !!! The empathy that they exhibit with your delicate issues is palpable ! I would not make a recommendation about a place that I truly didn't believe in. Heather and Martha are amazing therapists !!!! Their ingenuity in reaching my children in a way that most couldn't, is overwhelming. They find a way to make it fun to heal, and leave the hurt behind. Even using technology, crafts, etc. to get them to open up. Seeking resources to help us above and beyond their counseling. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND having the therapists at Advanced Counseling being a blessing to your family as they've definitively blessed ours!!!! PS- the owner is typically onsite. That speaks volumes to the overall commitment to helping you or your loved ones. Good luck and God bless!!!!
    Lori M
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    I saw Sophia 1 time at the "The Centers in Lacanto" and in our initial consultation I felt for the first time in my life that someone understood my disease and not only wanted to ADDRESS but TREAT MY ROOT HEALTH ISSUES and INCLUDE MY WIFE; After my initial consultation with Sophia and scheduling my next 5 meetings both by myself and with my wife; "The Centers" without any notification kept my next appointment with someone else who wanted to start me back on the typical coctail masking DRUGS & NOT ADDRESS THE ROOT CAUSE! Needles to say after paying for that appointment and waiting more than 2.5 hours; thinking that I was seeing SOPHIA "ONLY TO BE EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED AND TALKING WITH A TYPICAL DRUG PUSHING ROBOT" I CANCELED ALL OF THE REST OF MY APPOINTMENTS! My wife just came across Sophie's new location and I have scheduled a new appointment with her, We can hardly wait to see her again to start addressing my health issues ROOT CAUSE ( NOT THE SIGNS & SYMPTOMS )!
    Master D
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    Office staff is wonderful and friendly. Sofia is very effective with getting to the heart of the issues and addressing them with honesty, understanding, and compassion.
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    My daughter hasn't had her appointment yet but I would just like to say how thoroughly impressed I am with Sophia! I was on the phone all day with my daughter's insurance company, Baycare and a bunch of other people trying desperately to get my daughter into therapy. I was in tears by the time I google searched and found Advanced counseling. I called and found out that they were closed today so I left a message expecting to get a call back tomorrow. Nope! I got a call this afternoon! Sophia was really nice and got my daughter an appointment this week!This was a huge relief for me as Baycare told me that my daughter would have to wait two months for an appointment. She also discussed with me some ways to help my daughter with her schooling. She really helped put my mind at ease. Thank you so much Sophia!
    Tiffany B
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    I have been going to Advanced Counciling and seeing Janie for about a year and it is a great place to go. I click really well with my councelor and I can trust her like a best friend without judgement. She has a background in law and many years In counciling. And for the front desk woman, she if very kind but also will correct you. She is NOT rude and simply tells you that you are too late and to reschedule if necessary because appointments go by the hour so if you are late it isn't their fault bc they do need the full hour. Anyone who listens when they talk would know that ( the people above complaining about time). This place is worth going to to at least try. They work with LGBT kids and adults and the abused and hurt. They have made an impact on my life that I don't think I would have been able to get anywhere else.
    Amanda V
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    Here is why I like this place: 1. Janie Melton, my daughter's therapist, has been amazing. She really made a difference for our family by willing to go out of the boundaries of typical CBT methods. Janie does not just establish good rapport, she makes a GENUINE connection with my child (and our entire family) every time we meet, and therefore, is able to meet us where we are emotionally. I also love that Janie, though cognizant of diagnoses and labels, uses evidence-based approach. 2. The practice is small and personable. I came to understand that since my daughter is a unique person with a unique set of abilities and deficits, environments like BayCare and other larger facilities where mental healthcare is streamlined and therapists are regulated are actually sources of stress rather than healing. Advanced Counseling Services is a lot more flexible and personable, and it makes a huge difference.
    Anna G
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    I wasn't expecting much of anything to come from this ... see I am going through a gender change, but first, Florida Requirements to do so is to see a therapist, get a note, and then on to the next step, testosterone, etc. I'm no fan of therapists ... come to think of it, my Mom brought me to 13 when I was a teenager ... and all 13 were unsuccessful. So, even though I'm currently 47, there was a stigma attached to going here. Then ... I met Heather. (Oh by the way, the "scary" woman at the appointment desk isn't so scary people.) She made it feel like we were old friends. She was very warm, and talked TO me, and not AT me. While she was new to my particular quandary, she took me on like a champ ... never judging, we just talk and even laugh at our sessions. Heather never made me feel weird or awkward and she's so easy to talk to. I would highly, so highly recommend any of my LGBTQ brothers and sisters that you talk with her ... she caring, understanding, very funny and just an all around great person. She doesn't shrink you. She just gives you the tools to make you feel like you are not so alone ... because you're not.
    Lois O
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