Advanced Counseling Services, Inc
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Services Provided

Our services are individualized to meet the specified need/s of each client.  Thus, different treatment approaches and clinical strategies are utilized to obtain and maintain the  desired outcome/s from having had participated in this treatment program.

Trauma is something that is unique to each individual. For everyone trauma presents different signs and symptoms.  Trauma cannot be treated with the same blanket of care so we treat trauma individually and uniquely. Thus, our clinicians not only address the trauma but  also develop and teach techniues, skills, and strategies to help overcome the-- often times-- debilitating effects of prolonged intrusive thought on the mind, body and spirit of the individual . ​​
Rapid Resolution Therapy and the BAUD (Bio-Acoustical Utilization Device) are a part of the ground breaking technology used to assist with clearing trauma / PTSD, diminishing intensity of negative emotions that are percistant or chronic, very effective with diminshing cravings and unwanted urges of all types,  greatly diminishes anxiety and depression in both children and adults, and much more.

Brain imaging research is confirming the BAUD's mechanisms of action as stimulating plasticity by disrupting reconsolidation of problem circuits, primarily in the limbic system and the amygdala.

Child and Family Therapy
The family unit is a vital foundational element for everyone in the family unit. Life has a way of throwing challenges into the family unit. At times these challenges become overwhelming for the unit and the family unit starts to separate. Family therapy is a form of therapy that help reduce the tensions and challenges so that the family unit remains intact.
We Treat the Following Disorders
DEPRESSION                                                                                ADHD / ADD 
ANXIETY                                                                                         OPPOSITIONAL/DEFIANT DISORDERS 
PANIC DISORDER                                                                     SELF-INJURIOUS BEHAVIORS IN CHILDREN  
BIPOLAR DISORDER                                                             REACTIVE ATTACHMENT DISORDERS
PTSD - VETERANS                                                                           PERSONALITY DISORDERS 
SUBSTANCE USE DISORDERS (Only as a SECONDARY problem- ie Relapse Issue)