Advanced Counseling Services, PA Closing Permanently Effective 6/30/2020
Unfortunately the staff member that I, Sophia Greiner, have been training toward becoming the new owner of Advanced Counseling Services, PA has been rethinking this as running a Mental Health Counseling programs comes with many potential liabilities and she has regretably informed me that she will not be undertaing this tremendous responsibility as she had initially hoped she possibly own and manage.  As a result, this practice will be closed perminantly on 6/30/2020 as I have already delayed my retirement for quite some time in the hope that the mental health / behavioral health services that we have been providing for children and families, teens, adults, and older adults could have continued under a new owner.  However, things just do not always work out the way we would hope as is in this case.

The clinicians are doing their due diligence to close out with their clients and provide them with possible options to obtain counseling services with other mental health providers or agencies.

This website will remain for a minimum of a year providing the email address where past client records can be requested as needed.

All client records are and will continue to be electronically maintained for each client/past clients for 7 years from the date of discharge.

Anyone needing their records for any reason needs to request them via the email provided above.